Monday, 11 May 2015

Mother day

In Mother day we went to church and my dad said after if we finish our  church we will give them some lollies and a note for your mum and you will give them money to spend with their mother day when we were going home my dad said we are going to the KFC so i said yes when we got there my dad said go and get some drink the $3 one so i got the big one when my dad said let pray and then eat so i pray when i was finished i said let eat know so i did when we were finsh we went home and watch some movie because on movie was my favorite movie was the rush 2 so when we were watch my mum said it is 8:00 know so i went and brush my teth and i went to my room and i sleep.  


Lanzie said...

hi that is so cool so you eat KFC that is so yumm can you give me some

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