Monday, 25 September 2017

Our film festival challenge

The Challenge

This morning everyone in the classroom had a taste test challenge.We had to wear a blindfold and sit at our tables.

Next Mrs Judd gave out different kinds of food and we had to guess what it was.I had to feel,smell and taste the food.Then we had to guess what it was

When we were finished we took off our blindfolds to see what it was    most of it was disgusting but some was very good.
When I had my blindfold on mvs Judd put the chicken foot on my mouth and it was so disgusting and this was my first time eating these things.
Chicken feet,dried dumpling,dried mango pieces.
Image result for chicken feetImage result for asian dried bean curd packet foodImage result for asian dried mango slices packet foodImage result for chinese dried fried dumpling in the packet


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